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Vivi Organics Natural Skin Salve

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Dear Customer, 

Thank you for choosing to purchase our beautiful skin care products. You will find them somewhat different from normal moisturisers found in most stores. This is because these moisturisers are actually balms and therefore firm to the touch. Some people use a spatula or the back of their finger nail to extract the right amount to apply to the skin. You should use the product sparingly as it goes a long way. Because these balm are not aqueous moisturisers but rather oil based, they will take a little longer for your skin to absorb. However this means your skin will get true moisturisation and it will not be long before you discover a real improvement especially if you are suffering from a common skin condition. Please be sure to read some of the testimonies found below. Most rashes and common skin conditions respond well to any of the different products due to the very nature of Beeswax. If you have an interesting story to tell after using the product we would so love to hear from you. Just drop us a line via the website or email. Thank you once again for joining the many users of Vivi Organics products. 

Michael Beckford  

Thanks heaps... 

I’ve been using this product for years now, one summer I took a trip to Aussie and went to one of the Gold Coast markets when I found a gazebo with these vivi organics products! 

I’ve always had dry cracked lips and had to continually put lip balm on although I just found it wasn't making a difference, although this product is like magic on my lips! It works a treat and makes my lips feel nice and smooth! It also relieves my lips from being so dry... Thank u so much for making this product 

Kelsi Levell

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Gabby Brunke

Michael visited our cafe on the Atherton Tablelands with a couple of sample products a few weeks ago. I instantly loved the Lavender Beeswax moisturizer and so I purchased that and the Peppermint Muscle Eaze too! They have both been incredible products since. The Lavender moisturiser is absolutely perfect for dry skin and feet, my hubby has very bad dry skin during the dry season and it has been a god send for him. The muscle Eaze too is fantastic after a gym workout when you are feeling stiff and sore. All round they are both so fresh and the scents give you a boost without feeling greasy or oily on your skin. Definitely would recommend. Will be buying more for family when I put my next order in! These small business owned products are so unique and you know you're not buying into big companies with products full of chemicals and additives. Very happy you popped by that day! Thankyou! Gabby.


Lis James. Tallebudgera Qld

I love your Muscle Ease took a jar all the way to Egypt. Everyone else was sore for days after crawling and squatting through tombs but not me, I had my Muscle Ease.


Name: Jessica Britza

Just want to say how happy we are with our vivi products. I love the lavender for my face and it’s been great for athletes foot. My son has low muscle tone and often has many aches and pains.. the Muscle eaze peppermint cream is the only product we have found that gives him relief!! It’s also beautiful for a massage cream too.
Very happy customer!!!


Dear Michael,

Recently I had a badly pulled muscle across the top of shoulder. It was so inflamed and so sore it had reduced me to tears. 

I had been taking strong pain relief and rubbing (voltaren) cream on it with no relief until my mother had reminded me that she left a jar of vivi organic muscle relief in the spare bathroom after she had been staying here. The pain was now across my shoulder, down my back to my shoulder blade, down my right arm and across the front of my right side collarbone.  

I rubbed a small amount of cream which was enough to cover from my neck to my shoulder. Two treatments later and the pain and inflammation was completely gone. 

Hence the order for 3 jars, one for each bathroom and just Incase I feel obliged to gift one forward to someone who doesn’t know just how much they need it yet. This has become a staple product in my home that we won’t ever be without again. 

And the smell is delightful. 

I am definitely the type of person to promote a product if I really love it and I will and have been sharing and recommending others buy your products ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 stars from me. 

Many thanks 


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Date 24 08 2019

 I am using the Natural Beeswax Balm + Zinc Oxide one on my children for eczema, chilcken pox & nappy rash. This stuff is BRILLIANT! It works beautifully to softly clear up the skin, and totally reduced the irritation. I would love it if they could come in a container other than plastic though. I will be buying it for a friend, and will try the Muscle Ease one next for myself. Thankyou for creating such a fantastic product!

Hi Michael,

A lovely person was going from shop to shop selling this amazing stuff not so long ago. I purchased a few different ones to try, you know, #organic #natural and all that!

I tried to go a day just recently WITHOUT using my favorite (with the zinc) cause I'd run out... I used something else in the cupboard... but couldn't cope, I'm so addicted to how moisturized my skin feels. I had to crack into the lavender (& go OVER what I'd already used to get me through! Love this one too, just quietly!

My husband raves about the Muscle Ease... he doesn't rave about much... ever! But in his words, "it's bloody good S#%T", we do gym ALOT & this has been a savior on the bad days! I can't believe how far it goes... nothing lasts that long... and I truly mean NOTHING!

I've ordered some of the zinc for my daughter on this round, I think it will do her breakouts the world of good!

Thank you again! 😀

Kind Regards

Amanda Germany 

Date 23/07/2019

Hi Michael, it’s Marks wife Kim. I love your Viva products and have used them for a few years now. I used your Animal balm on my feet and hands in the past and the last order you sent me a complimentary lip balm as you did this time Thankyou! I love that too and you now have me hooked on that too. I work in a commercial kitchen and my hands are in water or plastic gloves all day . Your cream brings my hands back to normal by morning after putting it on before bed. Friends and family have used it and are impressed but their lack of motivation to order some is their problem . I hope you keep making the product . Regards Kim Kembrey. 

Date 28/06/2019

I swear by your products, i recently used it for a blister which heeled in 3 days due to my 'magic balm'  thank you x

Date 27/06/2019

Hi, April Dawson here.
I was using Thalgo for years and they changed the ingredients..... ahhhh boom an angry rash turned
So I searched high  and low. Chemist ..super market. Nothing fragrance free. As a cleanser I use Caroline's Wash it's great no fragrance ( but it's hard to find) .... but moisturiser everything burnt my face and especially my eye lids and near my eye / nose areas. The rash / welt pretty much joined up from ear to ear. Then Michael came into my Barber 💈 shop. He Offered me a try. I loved that it soaks in! I bought 3 jars,planning to give them away if I didn't like it. But I loved it. I've used it now for 2 years.
My Skin is better now and feels more hydrated!
Yeah and my daughter in Kiama also uses it( natural beeswax moisturiser.. purple). I Love Vivi Organics 💕

April Dawson 😉:

maggie towns
Date: 7/06/2019

i am in the US ..a friend shared her Vivi Organics Beeswax Balm with Zinc Oxide with me for a rash i had and in 2 applications ..it was GONE! i hope to buy some from you. thanks

Hi Michael,
I love this product after purchasing a tub last year at the Broadbeach Market one Sunday morning. I have been using it on my feet as a soothing balm which I put on before bed each night. It softens the skin and takes the heat out .

Love it :-)    Cheers, Helen 

Gillian Allardice

Vivi moisturiser

please please let me know where I can purchase Vivi moisturiser,I have bought all the stock here at Dannevirke Health nuts and last lot I bought got stolen from me You may not realise it but as a Breast cancer survivor your moisturizer has played a huge part in my recovery Because I had lymph glands removed I have to massage my breast daily to help empty fluid build up I'm really quite distraught that I cannot replace my Vivi as it works so well for me 

Thanks Gill Allardice

Sep 12, 2017

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I have 2 health problems which I'm managing well because of vivi.Firstly swollen arthritic fingers stiffening.I can now make a fist again after a month of rubbing hands. It was slow but steady healing.I have also been diagnosed with Breast cancer and after having lymph nodes removed from under left arm,I have had to manage fluid build up as I had a partial mastectomy( or lumpectomy)and I use the vivi natural skin salve to massage breast to help move fluid away.So many heartfelt thanks for your product Sincerely yours ,Gillian Allardice

Dec 9, 

Purchasing cream

Good morning I have just started using your product & find it fantastic ! I am interested in larger containers of natural unscented skin care do you have them available please 

kind regards Andrea

Oct 7, 2017

Visitor #3868


Hi I have been using your Natural Skin Salve on my hands as I suffer from psoriasis of the nails. My daughter has been using your Beeswax Balm with Zinc Oxide for a variety of skin conditions, including chlorine burn from working as a swimming teacher. She finds it a "miracle cream". I am wondering whether it or the Natural Skin Salve would be better on my nails? My hands and nails get very dry, the nails split and the skin under the nails peels and becomes quite sore. Which product do you think would be better? Thank you

Oct 9, 2017

Jacqui Donnelly

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Hello there, I have just purchased 3 body balms and paid by PayPal. Just confirming I got the codes correct! 1 x Natural Beeswax moisturiser (Purple), 1 x Muscle Ease (green) and 1 x Natural Skin Salve (yellow). Any problems, my mobile number is 040382402. Many thanks, Jacqui Donnelly

Last Tuesday at 11:21 AM

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Best foot balm EVER!

My Podiatrist asked me what I'm using on my feet so I told him all about your wonderful products. I use either the Peppermint or Honey on my feet and its better than any foot cream I've ever used! He asked for your details!

Last Tuesday at 11:04 AM


Subject muscle ease

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Lenna PollardView Profile

Actions   10:34am

Lenna Pollard

Hi there,

thanks so much for attending the Gunnedah Apex Xmas Markets. My skin has calmed down immediately! Amazing!

Bloomin Fresh Stuff  wrote on ViVi Organics's Timeline.

Nov 24, 2016 7:30pm

Muscle Ease is my best selling Vivi Organics product.
If a customer comes in to Bloomin Fresh Stuff and mentions suffering from aches and pains I always suggest they try a little of your Muscle Ease and offer them my sample pot. Within a few minutes they notice relief and buy a pot.
Some people have even come back for a second or third pot it is so effective. Thank you Michael for your great beeswax products.

Janelle Cooke

Nov 16, 2016 9:28am

Discovering Vivi Organics products has been a great delight for myself and my family. All of the products are natural and soothing with fantastic ability to restore skin so it feels more supple and looks nourished. Great for blotches and dry patches, rashes and solar keratoses We all use it from babies up to 83 years of age. Thank you Michael you have a fantastic product

Carra markets

25 April 2016 6:12pm


Last Sunday you sold me a lip balm size of your product for a friend of mind who has a skin condition on her hands.  In the last week she has only used it once a day due to being busy.  Her hands have nearly 100% cleared up and she will be coming back to purchase more from you.I wanted to thank you for all of your advice and found you very helpful and approachable. I am currently looking for a business partner in a health and wellness company.  I think it is something that you would be brilliant at and could give you some time back as well as an extra income.  Is this something you would be open to hearing more about?

Email me back when possible.

Carrie Badcock

Lurline Ward

I would like to endorse the Natural skin balm.  For the first time in many years my psoriasis is nowhere in evidence after daily applications of the balm.  Quite amazing.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your prompt follow up.  I am looking forward to receiving my salve.  I have just discovered via my Grandsons jar, that I can use bee product on my permanent dermatitis. Yay and thank you it's wonderful. 


Naked Health Food ►ViVi Organics

9 Feb at 12:40pm

Good morning! Can we please order 8 of the Natural Skin Salve please.  Ha another success with your products this week - a customer with psoriasis on her eyes and eyebrows.  Got almost immediate relief using the Natural Skin Salve! thank you - Tracey@Naked Health Food Parkwood.

ViVi Organics►

9 Nov 2015 at 8:05pm

A message from a recent customer

Natural Beeswax Balm + zinc oxide


Hi, I was just wondering where I can buy this on the Gold Coast, without paying for shipping.  I want to send it to family in South Africa.  I started using this recently after buying it at markets in Varsity.  I struggle with dry skin and problem areas around my chin/neck and I have to say, it's been AMAZING! So I want to send some to my sister in law who has been struggling with her skin for years.  Thank you!

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ViVi Organics►

31 Dec 2015 at 12:53pm

Hi Michael

Thank you for that - I am pretty excited Mum is 82 soon  I have been buying the products from a little service station at Capertee when I go to Sydney.  I have had 4 lots of various ones, but the main one is the Zinc one  I use it morning and night for my rosaesca.  I slather it on my face neck and chest.  My skin has been great.

Mum tried some when I went to visit last week.  I decanted some out for her.  She has terribly sun damaged skin that burns with most products. Mum has spent a lifetime on the farm, on tractors etc and is still living on the farm we were raised on.

I am heading to the NT for 4 months in March to work as a nurse so reckon that my skin will need the extra help.

All the best for 2016

Kind regards

Janelle Cooke

From: Ellie Eustace

Sent: Sunday, 6 March 2016 12:54AM

To:  viviorganics@outlook.com

Subject: Overseas deliveries?


I've been using your beeswax and zinc oxide balm for about half a year and it's the first product ever that's got rid of my acne! I'm back in England now and have almost run out, do you accept overseas orders or shall I get it delivered to my nan in Sydney to send on to me?


Lyza DoLittle to ViVi Organics

January 19 at 7:30am

I have a tale to tell and I'll try to keep it simple.  I have a chronic pain disease called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.  I was crushed by a cow almost 6 years ago.  Disease is almost full bodied and I'm wheelchair bound.  I am on umpteen amounts of man made synthetic medicine including all the high end, class 8 opiates under the sun, they are disgustingly ineffective.  I had the bravest/most idiotic idea of driving myself around Australia. Somewhere on my travels I discovered ViVi Muscle Ease.  Oh wow.  There is some pain that can be helped..2500klm and I've nearly finished the container. Back, hips, legs, arm muscles.  Muscle Ease is absolutely brilliant  I've kept a sharp eye out for it and haven't seen it since.   I've flown back to Victoria from Karratha for less than 10 days for doctor apt, first day back, I've ordered 5 more tubs express post to take back with me

This stuff is gold and cannot recommend it highly enough.  It's BRILLIANT!!!

ViVi Organics

27 June 2014 at 5:49am

Jasmin Paige Pettitt to ViVi Organics

15 hrs

I have to admit i didn't think it would work but it is!  Not only is it helping clear my eczema it is also stopping the itching that i used to constantly get!  This photo doesn't show the full extent of my eczema but it shows that 2 days of using the Salve will do!  I know that every person is different and it may not work the same on everyone else but i definitely recommend trying it!

Beeswax balm

23 February 2016 9:04am


I bought some of your products at a market in northern NSW last September and am driving south again shortly.  Is there a shop where i can purchase your products or do i need to go online? Your balm is the best cream i have put on my face in years!  Suffering from hypothyroidism and extreme dry skin, your Balm has soothed my skin like no other product,  I look 10 years younger, and it feels divine.

Thank you,

Katrina Hemmy


8 Jul 2015 at 8:53am

I have always had trouble with redness, scarring and blotchiness on my arm. I was about to get a microdermabrasion and laser to hopefully get rid of it, but I thought I would try one last thing. I decided to use Eco Tan's Himalayan salt scrub, their coconut & mint body wash and apply ViVi Organics natural beeswax balm, with zinc oxide. After using these products for a week I can already notice a difference. I am exfoliating once every two weeks and using the body wash and balm each day and night. I wish I took a before photo to show you all but I am so happy with the results! Awesome

I know John, he keeps hives on my Uncle's organic farm who also has stall, I've also had hand troubles and I told John about how amazing your muscle/peppermint cream worked for me and that's when he told me he supply's you with the wax.  How interesting...

I hope it all goes well for you Michael and so grateful for you making such an amazing range of products that really do work.  I bought a lip balm size zinc too and have been using that as daily sunscreen I'm a redhead with very fair skin and it's the best I've ever tried and most comfortable thing I've ever used.  Take care

April x

Annette Tones Yesterday via iOS On ViVi Organic's profile

Love your Moisturiser

I am liking this a lot ... thanks Mike,  Smells great and has a nice creamy feel that other beeswax

products don't have.  Will share with my nursing colleagues and their washed out hands

Ally Mahoney

April 28 at 2:34pm  Darwin, NT

They are here!!!  I'm so excited!  Best products out! Everyone give it a go! So in love with this stuff! So natural and light! Thank you Michael Beckford & the crew from VIVI Organics for sending them! ☺

Emma Jane Smart

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Hey just wanted to let you know what an Awesome product you sell.  I got two little lip balms at the Burleigh farmers market and they cleared up me eczema on my hands and wrist...I can't believe how well it worked, I started using it on my face now to and absolutely amazing ! Just ordered 2 more tubs thank you

Sent from web

I am using the Natural Beeswax Balm + Zinc Oxide one on my children for eczema, chilcken pox & nappy rash. This stuff is BRILLIANT! It works beautifully to softly clear up the skin, and totally reduced the irritation. I would love it if they could come in a container other than plastic though. I will be buying it for a friend, and will try the Muscle Ease one next for myself. Thankyou for creating such a fantastic produc

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